Making videos is all about process and creating great videos is about making sure the most of each stage of that process.

From the outside this can seem a bit hard to follow, so to make things clearer here are the steps we follow. The goal being to make the experience as fun, creative and predictable as possible, while delivering excellent video.

Every project starts with ideas. We get together to talk about the message you want to convey and try to find creative ways to do that.¬†This meeting is a good chance for us to get to know each other, make sure there’s a good fit and come up with a plan to bring your ideas to life.

Based on the initial meeting we will make a written proposal with the ideas we collaborated on. This proposal defines the scope of the project and provides a frame work for the following stages and basic information about the project’s logistics.

Pre-production varies from project to project. Some project will need actors and casting calls, others location scouting trips and storyboards. Regardless of the scale of the project every project needs a script and logistic planning and this will happen in this stage.

Production is the moment when all the planning and preparation all starts to come together. It will be the moment when you feel that your idea is coming to life. It’s: LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! and we’re off to the metaphoric races.

Post-production is the last major phase of any project and can be the most time consuming. It’s the moment when all the different elements from the shooting and concept and pre-production come together into the final video. It involves a final edit along with a round of changes to tweak the video to your taste.

And finally the release. This is the moment we’ve all been working towards when the video goes out into the world. Helping your audience or customers get to know more about you company or project. This is the most exciting stage of the process and a time to celebrate all the hard work which has lead up to this moment. Enjoy it before the fun begins again!