Music Videos

We want to make more music videos. Videos with concept. Videos with story. Videos with heart. Videos to complement the music. And videos which take us to another world. But mostly we want to make creative videos, and we need your help.

We realise that musicians are often on a tight budget, and music videos are expensive. So we’ve come up with a model to make them more affordable for you and allow us to stretch our creative wings. Instead of paying full price for a music video we’ve worked out a solution where you’ll only pay 50% of the labour costs. Then when the video is finished we’ll host it on the You’re Just Zealous Vimeo and YouTube channels. The advantage for us is you promote our channels, and the advantage for you is you get a high quality video at a fraction of the price.

For this model we’re not interested in straight ahead music performances i.e. a video of a band playing the music. (We can definitely make that type of video it just won’t doesn’t quality for this offer.) This opportunity is specifically for videos which have a concept, story or some kind of creative twist.

You can come to us with a concept, but we’re happy to develop a concept based on the music, your band’s image, a dream you once had or take one of the ideas we’ve been dying to implement and make something special for your music.

If this sounds like it’s up your street¬†get in touch!